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Your character falls into the “friend zone” - Is this primarily a man’s problem, or are women put in the friend zone as well? x





But its perfectly okay to make a canonically hetro male gay right?

(I don’t get you tumblr, why do you care about what people ship so damn much?)
(Also as a note I have no idea who these two are im just assuming the ship is hetro)
(So sue me)

First off, me speaking for myself is not the same as me speaking for the whole of this website. When you say something like “I don’t get you tumblr” in regards to contrasting opinions about a topic of interest, you do realize that you’re comparing the different opinions of different people as if they came from the same person and are thus directly contradictory of each other, right? You can’t treat opinions made by individuals on this website as if they’re assertions made by everyone on this website. Obviously, they won’t always be consistent.

Now to address your first question—  ”But its perfectly okay to make a canonically hetro male gay right?”. If a cishet male character is held to the same standards that queer characters are for establishing their sexuality and gender (I.E. it is explicitly stated in canon that they are a cis male, and that they are straight— not just simply “implied” by context), I personally find it a bit problematic to change said sexuality or gender in fanon and insist it’s legitimacy as canon. However, seeing as how straight cis males aren’t exactly difficult to come by in fiction (as opposed to any non-offensive/non-stereotypical queer character), I’m not about to really get my panties in a twist if someone wants to headcanon them being into other guys.

To be honest, I literally have no idea as to what you really mean by replying to this post this way? The original post was me voicing my agitation over a presumably female character being shipped with a presumably male character and insisted as being canon when the story itself explicitly details her interest in pursuing and being with women. What does my justified frustration towards a fandom that you conceded you aren’t even a part of have anything to do with gay male headcanons?

To answer your second question, the reason I am so opposed to this pairing isn’t because I dislike the two characters’ relationship, but because the presumably female character’s affection for other women is completely erased. As a lesbian myself, this makes me extremely upset considering I hardly ever see representation of romantic relationships between women that aren’t catered to the male gaze. 

Please be a bit more thoughtful before you reply to posts like this, especially when you’ve even conceded yourself that you have no attachment to the issue at hand.


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